What Makes Us Different?

We are consistent, reliable, and accurate.

Something our competitors can't say...
unless they're lying.

Most body fat tests rely on measuring the speed at which an electrical impulse travels through your body. 
The problem with these tests is that they are incredibly inconsistent.  

You can measure and then re-measure in an hour and get completely different results.
What is the good in that?


The water doesn’t lie.
When lean mass is placed in a tub of water, it’s going to sink to bottom where as fat mass is less dense and will float in water.

What does this mean?
This means that we can pinpoint your body composition.
It means we can accurately determine how many calories your body needs
to get to that amazing shape you have always dreamed of.

We are dedicated to you reaching your goals.

No matter what it takes.

We help you take your numbers from getting tanked and turn them into results.
Handing you your numbers is the first step in our process. 
After you leave the tub, you have access to special deals from all of our Partners.
We partner with the top nutrition coaches, supplement stores, recovery services, meal prep services (and more) on Long Island.  You want to reach your goals – and we have made the path easier than ever for you to get there! 

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